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S.C.C. Zmanim & Shiurim: Shabbat Vayigash

Posted by on January 2, 2020

The weekly times, including candles, shkia, etc, can be found here or viewed and printed from the Sephardic Congregation of Cleveland website.

Shabbat Shiurim

  • Chumash Drash by Rabbi Maimon after Musaf
  • Hilchot Shabbat by Rabbi Avraham Aviv after Shabbat Kiddush
  • Sefer haChinuch by Rabbi Maimon 30 min before Mincha

Weekly Shiurim

  • Tue 9:00pm: Select sugiyot (for all), R. Maimon (Kollel)

Weekly Community Shiurim

Email to have your information included here.

  • Tue 8:05pm: Practical Halacha for women, R. Claude (Claude home)
  • Wed 8:05pm: Yalkut Yosef (for all), R. Claude (Claude home)

Help Feed Our Souls!

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our Shabbat Seudat Shelishit, please contact Donny Zigdon, Rabbi Maimon, or Leon Adato for details.

Donate Online

You can find donation information, whether paying online or by check, on our website:


Questions on scheduling, halachot, and other shul goings-on can be directed to HaRav Tzvi Maimon: 216-904-4964 or

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