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S.C.C. Sukkot Hol HaMoed 5780

Posted by on October 15, 2019

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Shacharit tefillah has moved to 7:30am for Hol Hamoed!

Sukkot is off to an amazing start. Below you will find the times, for tefillot, Shabbat, candles, and more for the rest of the Sukkot through Simchat Torah. You can also download a printable PDF here or from the Sephardic Congregation of Cleveland website.

NOTE: The list below are davening times only. For candle lighting times, shkia, etc. please download the PDF version.

Sukkot 3 CH”M (Wed 10/16)
Shacharit 7:30am
Mincha 6:30pm
Arvit to follow

Sukkot 4 CH”M (Thu 10/17)
Shacharit 7:30am
Mincha 6:30pm
Arvit to follow

Sukkot 5 CH”M (Fri 10/18)
Shacharit 7:30am
Mincha 6:20pm
Kabbalat Shabbat 6:36pm

Sukkot 6 Shabbat CH”M (Sat 10/19)
Shacharit 8:15pm
Mincha 5:50pm
Seudat Shelishit will be hosted at the home of Donny and Keti Zigdon
2500 Blossom Lane
Arvit 7:29pm

Hoshana Raba (Sun 10/20)
Shacharit 7:10am
Hodu 7:23am
Mincha 6:20pm
Arvit 7:05pm
Meal not before 7:25pm. Eat in the sukkah without the “leshev” bracha.

Shemini Atzaret (Mon 10/21)
Shacharit 8:30am
Mincha 6:18pm
Arvit 7:00pm
Preparation for meal and candles not before 7:20pm

Simchat Torah (Tue 10/22)
Shacharit 8:00am
Mincha 6:15pm
Arvit 7:00pm

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